Dennis Peterson and Fay Fishman have dedicated their careers to addressing the needs of the disabled in seeking VA and Social Security Disability benefits. We provide zealous representation while understanding the needs of the disabled.

As the impact from living with a disability can be far-reaching, so too can be working with a legal team dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

We practice disability law from an educated legal point of view, and from personal knowledge of the challenges a person with a disability faces. We have a personal commitment to making the lives of people with disabilities easier. To us, this is more than just a business. Contact us today if you need solid legal representation in Arizona or Minnesota.


  • Dennis Peterson

    Dennis Peterson

    Dennis Peterson practices VA disability law with first hand experience knowing how difficult it is to obtain VA disability benefits.

  • Fay Fishman

    Fay Fishman

    Fay Fishman believes in one on one representation of people in the Social Security system, not the herd mentality which seems to exist in the large local or national Social Security  firms.